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Alfie Pugh

Alfie Pugh graduated from Bath Spa University in 2012 with a First Class Honours degree in Music. During his time there he won multiple awards and gained a reputation for his composing and arranging skills. Among these achievements was success in the Charities Philharmonia Young Composers competition, for which Alfie composed a 16-minute piece for symphony orchestra, entitled Vasilisa The Beautiful, based on Russian fairy tales. The piece was performed and recorded at St. John's, Smith Square in December 2011, and can be heard on Alfie's website, He was also commissioned to compose a string quartet, which was performed by the Eberle Quartet in Salisbury in March 2011, and he has worked with the Anglo-Belgian ensemble Plus/Minus, for whom he composed Tom, Jerry & Bugs In A Blender, a homage to the music of the Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes cartoons. Alfie is particularly proud to be working with the team of musicians dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Barry Gray's music. His work is influenced enormously by the soundtracks to Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet, and he is delighted to have been asked to produce 10 solo piano arrangements of a selection of incidental music.

Giangaleazzo ("Gian") Gamba

Gian was one of the two people who prepared the bulk of our music scores for the Barry Gray Concert working from Barry's original hand-written music manuscripts.

Born in 1959 he studied jazz guitar with the legendary indo-jazz guitarist Amancio d’Silva and with Stuart Hall.  In 1995 he graduated with first class honours in Music from Middlesex University.  He has worked as a copyist for the film composer Francios Evans on various projects and produced and published the original score for Wilfred Josephs’s “Violin Concerto” Op. 169, premiered by the late Michael Davis.

Kindred Productions

Glenn Pearce and Tim Mallett founded Kindred Productions in 1992.

Having worked in the media and advertising industries for over ten years, their aim was to form a company people would feel comfortable working with whilst delivering high quality content whatever the medium.

Their creative and easy way of working has led to the acquisition of an impressive client list which includes television networks, multinational companies, government departments and enterprising businesses.

Mike Jones Design

Mike Jones is a Hertfordshire based Graphic Designer with a comfortable grasp and extensive experience of 2-D design, particularly editorial design and layout. Well versed in the discipline of working to budget and deadline, he has a clear understanding of preparing projects from concept to print.

Simone Spagnolo

Simone was one of the two people who prepared the bulk of our music scores for the Barry Gray Concert working from Barry's original hand-written music manuscripts. 

Born in Italy Simone has composed soundtracks for films and visual art installation including A Favourite Place, nominated for the Limelight Film and Art Award (2008), Trapped and Souls to Squeeze (2007), and NSOSV (2005). His growing interest in ballet has resulted in works such as Once you’re gone and The Tempest toured at 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Embryonic Steps, Voices from Under Surface and Traces performed at The Shunt.